Fact File

Main Language:  Khmer.
Main Religion:  Buddhism (Theravada)
Population:  14,805,358 (World Bank, 2009)
Population in Phnom Penh:  2,009,264 (wiki – 2008)
Ethnic Group:  Khmer, Vietnamese and Chinese minorities.

Monetary unit:  4000 riel = $1 usd (approx.)
ATM’s:  Dispense US Dollars and most international cards are accepted.
Purchases:  Payment can be made in Cambodian Riel or USD. Small denominations of USD are preferred.
(Please note that sometimes you will be given change in Riel if paying with Dollars)

Transport:  Tuk Tuks are an easy way to get around town or city, always negotiate the price beforehand.
Taxi:  Air conditioned and metered in most cases, if not, negotiate the price first.
Private Taxi:  Convenient for longer trips, air conditioned and door to door service. Cheap in comparison to Western countries.
Tourist bus:  There’s an extensive network covering most of the country with various companies to choose from.
Train:  Coming soon(ish)……

Climate:  Tropical humid climate: rainy (monsoon) season (May to November) and dry season (December to April)

Capital:  Phnom Penh.
Major Cities:  Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanouk Ville, Kampot.
Area:  181,035 sq km (69,898 sq miles) : Water  2.5%
Border countries:  Laos 541 km, Thailand 803 km, Vietnam  1,228 km
Coastline:  443 km Independence: 9 November 1953
Constitution:  Promulgated 21 September 1993

Major Exports:  Garments, Fisheries Products,  Rubber.
Major Export Trading Countries:  United States, Germany, UK, Singapore, Japan.
Major Imports:  Petroleum products, construction materials, vehicles and motorcycles, clothing.
Major Import Trading Countries:  Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, South Korea.

International dialing code:  +855
Electricity:  220V AC 50 Hz
Driving:  Right hand side; International Driving Permit required.

Airports:  Phnom Penh International, Siem Reap International Airport, & Sihanoukville International Airport.