Kampot is the capital of Kampot Province in southern Cambodia and has a population of approximately 23,000 people.

The city is a quiet riverside town just a few kilometers from the Gulf of Thailand.

Kampot is best known for its famous black pepper, which is widely available in Cambodia.
The fresh climate and soil type of Kampot as well as the experience from several generations of pepper farmers make this pepper unique and much sought-after by gourmets worldwide. It is also famous for its Kampot fish sauce.

Kampot is the base for trips up the Dâmrei and Bokor Mountains. Stunning panoramic views over Cambodia and Vietnam can be enjoyed from the mountain tops. Waterfalls, boating and rafting on the river can be enjoyed in town, and popular attractions are the Kompong Trach caves with their ancient ruins and the durian and pepper farms.

The little island of Koh Tonsay can be visited from Kampot by boat. Visitors can enjoy long stretches of golden sand and tasty local crab curry.
Rabbit Island is a mere 25 km away just off the coastline of Kep, also lovely for a relaxing getaway.

Kampot is an up and coming tourist destination and the city has recently undergone many changes.
There are a number of charming hotels, guesthouses, resorts, cafe’s, bars and restaurants in the towns of Kampot and Kep.